“Oh say can you see?”
Join the JagChoir families at the DVUSD Choir Night at the dBacks on Friday, September 7. Our choirs will be part of the district-wide choir performance of the National Anthem. 
Discounted tickets on sale now
Three dollars of your ticket will be donated back to the Boulder Creek Choir Program. Discounted ticket sales end September 3. (All are welcome, feel free to share this link with friends and family!) 


2018/2019 Audition Information




Show Choir Audition Song:

Soprano BC Show choir solobcjagchoir.com


Tenor BC Show choir solo

Bass BC Show choir solo


Concert Choir Audition Song:

Concert Choir Audition 2018 Alto Bass

Concert Choir Audition 2018 Sop Tenor

2018 Sight Reading Practice/Forms:


BCHS Choir Recommendation Form

For further sight-reading practice, you may use Sight-Reading Factory.

Sight-reading examples will be selected from a level 3-4 difficulty. 1 will be in Major, 1 will be in minor.

Students will be expected to be proficient at these levels for entry into a varsity level ensemble.

SHOW CHOIR Dance Audition: April 16th, From 2:30-7:00 PM **FOR AN APPOINTMENT PLEASE FILL OUT THIS GOOGLE FORM** https://goo.gl/forms/W4mcG1q9wrf0COsA3

Students will sing a solo (provided to your music teachers) and will be taught a dance during this April 16th audition. Vocal Auditions will happen on April 17th for all students new to Boulder Creek Choir.

Note: Show choir candidates must audition on this day—auditions cannot be rescheduled. Students interested in show choir must also sign up for a vocal audition. 

Vocal Auditions: April 17th, From 2:30-5:00 PM **FOR AN APPOINTMENT PLEASE FILL OUT THIS GOOGLE FORM** https://goo.gl/forms/W4mcG1q9wrf0COsA3   

Students must prepare a short solo. See our selected audition solo, My Country Tis of Thee for Concert Choir, It’s My Life for Show Choir. During the audition students will be tested on tonal recognition and sight reading.

  • Students must be enrolled in the choir elective to audition for an intermediate or advanced level choir
  • All Students new to Boulder Creek Choir Program should enroll in Chorus. Necessary changes will be made after auditions.
  • Students auditioning for show choir will need to attend both auditions, students auditioning for the concert choir will only need to audition on Tuesday, April 17th.

Broadway Bound Performs at AMEA Convention

On Saturday, February 4th our AMAZING Broadway Bound Performed at the Arizona Music Educators Association (AMEA) Conference at the Marriott Mesa Hotel & Convention Center. What a great honor for our choral program to featured as a performance session at 2017 Convention.

AMEA Final Program  



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