Bel Canto “Beautiful Singing”
Varsity Mixed H​onor Choir

Bel Canto incorporates the sounds of both male and female voices performing diverse musical pieces from different genres and languages. This auditioned choir demands high standards from each student. Bel Canto is designed to give the advanced singer a platform to further his/her musical skill through music theory, sight singing, and vocal techniques while performing challenging repertoire.


Bel Canto Women
Provided by BCHS Choir department (Uniform fee)
Dress: Black gown

Provided by student
​Shoes:     Black character shoes 2 inches max heel height or closed toe flats.
Hose:      Tan hose
Jewelry:  No bracelets, watches, earrings or rings are allowed during performances.
Hair:       All bangs and hair around face must be off face.
Makeup: Stage makeup – focus on eyes and lips in bright colors.

Bel Canto Men
Provided by BCHS Choir department (Uniform fee)
Tuxedo: Black pants/jacket
Tie/Vest: Red

Provided by student
Shirt:  White dress shirt (not a tux shirt)
Shoes:  Black dress shoes
Socks:  Black socks
Jewelry: No bracelets, watches, earrings or rings.

Bel Canto Officers

President: Brennan M.

Vice President: Sophia H. & Renee-Angeli V.

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